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  • Migration to AWS

    Migration to AWS

    Our client approached us for completely migrating their infrastructure from traditional datacenter to AWS cloud. The scope of the project involved migrating 800+ services and applications, in some cases refactoring applications, and automating deployments through Chef/autoscaling.

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  • Docker Refactoring

    Docker Refactoring

    Our client was an avid subscriber in AWS cloud and especially made use of EC2. They approached us with the desire to migrate their dev, qa, and production from EC2 to docker. The goal was to increase resiliency, to increase infrastructure responsiveness, and to reduce costs.

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  • Multi-CDN


    Our client was a long time subscriber to a single CDN. When that particular CDN had an extended service degradation that impacted their business, they reached out to us to help identify a solution to mitigate such risks. Our approach was to leverage multiple CDNs.

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  • Multi Region

    Multi Region

    Our client had a single region deployment in AWS cloud. While they were making use of multiple AZs, they wanted to deploy in a new region to better protect themselves from regional outages as well as utilize geolocation-based routing.

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  • Corporate Migration to AWS

    Corporate Migration to AWS

    Our client, using our services, had previously migrated their core production application to AWS. This project dealt with their corporate systems (including active directory, user file shares, etc) and migrating them to AWS as well as integrating with AWS services.

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  • Canary Deployments

    Canary Deployments

    Our client utilized green-blue deployment in their AWS ecosystem and deployments. The desire was to move to a deployment model that utilized canary deployments to quickly identify issues with new versions of applications and minimize impact due to issues.

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