Managed Metric Collection & Analytics

At Innovalyer, we understand how insightful metrics are and how important they are as key performance indicators. Our managed solutions are built on top of open source solutions such as StatsD, Collectd, Graphite, etc and are fully optimized to handle millions of data points per second. We will even provide custom integration so you can emit metrics directly from your application as well as infrastructure-level metrics.

Below are metric integrations we have done for our clients:

  • Number of Requests per second (Nginx)
  • Number of responses per http code (Nginx plus)
  • Number of requests and response per http code (Tomcat/Java Application)
  • Time per request (Tomcat/Java Application)
  • System Metrics (Amazon EC2: disk space, memory, process info, etc)
  • Docker Metrics (including deep-level docker daemon metrics)